BAR / Strut, Wheel Suspension Left Right Rear

BAR / Strut, Wheel Suspension Left Right Rear

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BAR / Strut, Wheel Suspension Left Right Rear


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<- trunk short description-> parts portal24 # BF392B parts portal24 1Item descriptionTechnical informationscope of delivery Does the part fit in your car? The KBA number alone is not enough, please check whether there are additional ones
restrictions for your car there. Please pay attention to the info field! designationMotorizationDesignConstruction yearKWPSccminfoKBAFord C-MAX1.8MPV02.07 – 9012217988566-AAPFord C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV02.07 – 7410115608566-AKHFord C-MAX1.6MPV02.07 – 7410015968566-AALFord C-MAX1.8MPV02.07 – 9212517988566-AAOFord C-MAX1.8 FlexifuelMPV02.07 – 9212517988566-ATLFord C-MAX2.0MPV02.07 – 10714519998566-AAGFord C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV02.07 – 669015608566-AAKFord C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV02.07 – 8010915608566-AAJFord C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV02.07 – 10013619978566-AAHFord C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV02.08 – 8111019978566-AOIFord C-MAX2.0 CNGMPV04.09 – 10714519998566-AQUFord C-MAX2.0 LPGMPV06.08 – 10714519998566-APTFord C-MAX1.8 TDCiMPV02.07 – 8511517538566-AANFord C-MAX II1.6 FlexifuelMPV02.11 – 8812015968566-AXQFord C-MAX II1.6 TiMPV12.10 – 63851596Ford C-MAX IIMPV02.11 – 1001361997Ford C-MAX II1.6 TiMPV12.10 – 9212515968566-AUGFord C-MAX II1.6 TiMPV12.10 – 7710515968566-UPFord C-MAX II1.6 EcoBoostMPV12.10 – 11015015968566-AUOFord C-MAX II1.6 EcoBoostMPV12.10 – 13418215968566-AUPFord C-MAX II1.6 TDCiMPV12.10 – 709515608566-AUIFord C-MAX II1.6 TDCiMPV12.10 – 8511515608566-AUHFord C-MAX II2.0 TDCiMPV12.10 – 12016319978566-AUQFord C-MAX II2.0 TDCiMPV02.11 – 8511519978566-AUUFord C-MAX II2.0 TDCiMPV02.11 – 10314019978566-AURFord FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.4 16VHatchback10.98 – 11.04557513888566-345Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.4 16VHatchback10.98 – 11.04557513888566-349Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.6 16VHatchback10.98 – 11.047410015968566-346Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.6 16VHatchback10.98 – 11.047410015968566-350Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 16VHatchback10.98 – 11.048511517968566-347Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 16VHatchback10.98 – 11.048511517968566-351Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)2.0 16VHatchback10.98 – 11.049613119888566-348Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)2.0 16VHatchback10.98 – 11.049613119888566-352Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 Turbo DI / TDDiHatchback10.98 – 11.04669017538566-368Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 Turbo DI / TDDiHatchback10.98 – 11.04669017538566-369Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 TDCiHatchback03.01 – 11.048511517538566-459Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 TDCiHatchback03.01 – 11.048511517538566-460Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 DI / TDDiHatchback08.99 – 04/11557517538566-377Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 DI / TDDiHatchback08.99 – 04/11557517538566-402Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)RSHatchback10.02 – 11.0415821519888566-527Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)ST170Hatchback03.02 – 11.0412717319888566-500Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)ST170Hatchback03.02 – 11.0412717319888566-501Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 TDCiHatchback08.02 – 11.047410017538566-509Ford FOCUS (DAW, DBW)1.8 TDCiHatchback08.02 – 11.047410017538566-510Ford FOCUS C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV10.03 – 03.079813319978566-AAIFord FOCUS C-MAX2.0MPV03.04 – 03.0710714519998566-552Ford FOCUS C-MAX2.0MPV03.04 – 03.0710714519998566-AAGFord FOCUS C-MAX1.8MPV04.04 – 03.079212517988566-567Ford FOCUS C-MAX1.8MPV10.03 – 03.078812017988566-530Ford FOCUS C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV10.03 – 03.078010915608566-532Ford FOCUS C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV10.03 – 03.078010915608566-AAJFord FOCUS C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV10.03 – 03.0710013619978566-531Ford FOCUS C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV10.03 – 03.0710013619978566-AAHFord FOCUS C-MAX1.6MPV10.03 – 03.077410015968566-542Ford FOCUS C-MAX1.6MPV10.03 – 03.077410015968566-AALFord FOCUS C-MAX1.8 FlexifuelMPV01.06 – 03.079212517988566-AAOFord FOCUS C-MAX1.8MPV09.05 – 03.07901221798Ford FOCUS C-MAX1.6 TiMPVApril 8 – July 38511515968566-571Ford FOCUS C-MAX1.6 TiMPVApril 8 – July 38511515968566-AAMFord FOCUS C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV02.05 – 03.07669015608566-610Ford FOCUS C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV02.05 – 03.07669015608566-AAKFord FOCUS C-MAX1.8 TDCiMPV01.05 – 03.078511517538566-611Ford FOCUS C-MAX1.8 TDCiMPV01.05 – 03.078511517538566-AANFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TDCiHatchback01.05 – 669015608566-600Ford FOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TDCiHatchback01.05 – 669015608566-ABKFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.8 TDCiHatchback01.05 – 8511517538566-598Ford FOCUS II (DA_)1.8 TDCiHatchback01.05 – 8511517538566-ABWFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.8 FlexifuelHatchback01.06 – 9212517988566 DEPTFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.8 FlexifuelHatchback01.06 – 9212517988566-AQPFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.5 STHatchback10.05 – 16622525228566-AAAFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.0 TDCiHatchback02.08 – 8111019978566-AOFFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.6 LPGHatchback10.09 – 8511515968566 ATMFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.5 RS 500Hatchback05.10 – 25735025218566-AUAFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.0 CNGHatchback04.09 – 10714519998566-AQVFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.0 LPGHatchback06.08 – 10714519998566-APRFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.8Hatchback03.06 – 9212517988566-617Ford FOCUS II (DA_)1.8Hatchback03.06 – 9212517988566 DEPTFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.5 RSHatchback01.09 – 22430525218566-AQBFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.5 RSHatchback01.09 – 22430525218566-AQJFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TDCiHatchback11.04 – 7410015608566-AKFFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.0 TDCiHatchback11.04 – 9813319978566-ABGFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.6Hatchback11.04 – 7410015968566-572Ford FOCUS II (DA_)1.6Hatchback11.04 – 7410015968566-ABNFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TiHatchback11.04 – 8511515968566-574Ford FOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TiHatchback11.04 – 8511515968566-ABPFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.0Hatchback11.04 – 10714519998566-576Ford FOCUS II (DA_)2.0Hatchback11.04 – 10714519998566-ABAFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.4Hatchback11.04 – 598013888566-583Ford FOCUS II (DA_)1.4Hatchback11.04 – 598013888566-ABCFord FOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TDCiHatchback11.04 – 8010915608566-573Ford FOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TDCiHatchback11.04 – 8010915608566-ABIFord FOCUS II (DA_)2.0 TDCiHatchback11.04 – 10013619978566-575Ford FOCUS II (DA_)2.0 TDCiHatchback11.04 – 10013619978566-ABEFord FOCUS II station wagon (DA_)2.0 LPGStation wagon06.08 – 10714519998566-APSFord FOCUS II station wagon (DA_)1.6 LPGStation wagon10.09 – 8511515968566-ATNFord FOCUS II station wagon (DA_)2.0 TDCiStation wagon02.08 – 8111019978566-AOGFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)2.0 TDCiNotchback02.08 – 8111019978566-AOHFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TDCiNotchback04.05 – 7410015608566-AKEFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.4Notchback04.05 – 598013888566-603Ford FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.4Notchback04.05 – 598013888566-AARFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6Notchback04.05 – 7410015968566-607Ford FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6Notchback04.05 – 7410015968566-AAWFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TiNotchback04.05 – 8511515968566-608Ford FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TiNotchback04.05 – 8511515968566-AAXFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)2.0Notchback04.05 – 10714519998566-602Ford FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)2.0Notchback04.05 – 10714519998566-AAQFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TDCiNotchback04.05 – 669015608566-606Ford FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TDCiNotchback04.05 – 669015608566-AAVFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TDCiNotchback04.05 – 8010915608566-605Ford FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TDCiNotchback04.05 – 8010915608566-AAUFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.8 TDCiNotchback04.05 – 8511517538566-609Ford FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.8 TDCiNotchback04.05 – 8511517538566-AAYFord FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)2.0 TDCiNotchback04.05 – 10013619978566-604Ford FOCUS II Saloon (DA_)2.0 TDCiNotchback04.05 – 10013619978566-AASFord FOCUS III2.0 TDCiHatchback04.11 – 10013619978566-AWIFord FOCUS III1.6 TiHatchback04.11 – 7710515968566-AWAFord FOCUS III1.6 TiHatchback04.11 – 9212515968566-AWBFord FOCUS III1.6 FlexifuelHatchback04.11 – 8812015968566-AWCFord FOCUS III1.6 EcoBoostHatchback04.11 – 11015015968566-AWDFord FOCUS III1.6 EcoBoostHatchback04.11 – 13418215968566-AWEFord FOCUS III1.6 TDCiHatchback04.11 – 709515608566-AWFFord FOCUS III1.6 TDCiHatchback04.11 – 8511515608566-AWGFord FOCUS III2.0 TDCiHatchback04.11 – 8511519978566-AWHFord FOCUS III2.0 TDCiHatchback04.11 – 10314019978566-AWJFord FOCUS III2.0 TDCiHatchback04.11 – 12016319978566-AWKFord FOCUS III notchback1.6 TiNotchback04.11 – 7710515968566-AVPFord FOCUS III notchback1.6 TiNotchback04.11 – 9212515968566-AVQFord FOCUS III notchback1.6 FlexifuelNotchback04.11 – 8812015968566-AVRFord FOCUS III notchback1.6 EcoBoostNotchback04.11 – 11015015968566-AVSFord FOCUS III notchback1.6 EcoBoostNotchback04.11 – 13418215968566-AVTFord FOCUS III notchback1.6 TDCiNotchback04.11 – 709515608566-AVUFord FOCUS III notchback1.6 TDCiNotchback04.11 – 8511515608566-AVVFord FOCUS III notchback2.0 TDCiNotchback04.11 – 8511519978566-AVWFord FOCUS III notchback2.0 TDCiNotchback04.11 – 10314019978566-AVYFord FOCUS III notchback2.0 TDCiNotchback04.11 – 12016319978566-AVZFord FOCUS III tournament1.6 TiStation wagon05.11 – 7710515968566-AWLFord FOCUS III tournament1.6 TiStation wagon05.11 – 9212515968566-AWMFord FOCUS III tournament1.6 FlexifuelStation wagon05.11 – 8812015968566-AWNFord FOCUS III tournament1.6 EcoBoostStation wagon05.11 – 11015015968566-AWOFord FOCUS III tournament1.6 EcoBoostStation wagon05.11 – 13418215968566-AWPFord FOCUS III tournament1.6 TDCiStation wagon05.11 – 709515608566-AWQFord FOCUS III tournament1.6 TDCiStation wagon05.11 – 8511515608566-AWRFord FOCUS III tournament2.0 TDCiStation wagon05.11 – 8511519978566-AWSFord FOCUS III tournament2.0 TDCiStation wagon05.11 – 10314019978566-AWUFord FOCUS III tournament2.0 TDCiStation wagon05.11 – 12016319978566-AWVFord FOCUS station wagon (DNW)1.4 16VStation wagon02.99 – 04/11557513888566-363Ford FOCUS station wagon (DNW)1.6 16VStation wagon02.99 – 04/117410015968566-364Ford FOCUS station wagon (DNW)1.8 16VStation wagon02.99 – 04/118511517968566-365Ford FOCUS station wagon (DNW)2.0 16VStation wagon02.99 – 04/119613119888566-366Ford FOCUS station wagon (DNW)1.8 Turbo DI / TDDiStation wagon02.99 – 04/11669017538566-367Ford FOCUS station wagon (DNW)1.8 DI / TDDiStation wagon08.99 – 04/11557517538566-378Ford FOCUS station wagon (DNW)1.8 TDCiStation wagon03.01 – 11.048511517538566-462Ford FOCUS station wagon (DNW)ST170Station wagon08.02 – 11.0412717319888566-513Ford FOCUS station wagon (DNW)1.8 TDCiStation wagon08.02 – 11.047410017538566-507Ford FOCUS Saloon (DFW)1.8 Turbo DI / TDDiNotchback08.01 – 03.0555751753Ford FOCUS Saloon (DFW)1.8 TDCiNotchback08.02 – 11.047410017538566-508Ford FOCUS Saloon (DFW)1.8 TDCiNotchback03.01 – 11.048511517538566-461Ford FOCUS Saloon (DFW)2.0 16VNotchback02.99 – 04/119613119888566-361Ford FOCUS Saloon (DFW)1.8 Turbo DI / TDDiNotchback02.99 – 04/11669017538566-362Ford FOCUS Saloon (DFW)1.4 16VNotchback02.99 – 04/11557513888566-464Ford FOCUS Saloon (DFW)1.6 16VNotchback02.99 – 04/117410015968566-359Ford FOCUS Saloon (DFW)1.8 16VNotchback02.99 – 04/118511517968566-360Ford GRAND C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV02.11 – 8511519978566-AUUFord GRAND C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV02.11 – 10314019978566-AURFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 TiMPV12.10 – 7710515968566-AUBFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 TiMPV12.10 – 7710515968566-UPFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 TiMPV12.10 – 9212515968566-AUCFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 TiMPV12.10 – 9212515968566-AUGFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 EcoBoostMPV12.10 – 11015015968566-AUJFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 EcoBoostMPV12.10 – 11015015968566-AUOFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 EcoBoostMPV12.10 – 13418215968566-AUKFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 EcoBoostMPV12.10 – 13418215968566-AUPFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV12.10 – 709515608566-AUEFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV12.10 – 709515608566-AUIFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV12.10 – 8511515608566-AUDFord GRAND C-MAX1.6 TDCiMPV12.10 – 8511515608566-AUHFord GRAND C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV12.10 – 12016319978566-AULFord GRAND C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV12.10 – 12016319978566-AUQFord GRAND C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV02.11 – 10013619978566-AUNFord GRAND C-MAX2.0 TDCiMPV02.11 – 10013619978566-AUSMAZDA 3 (BK)1.6Hatchback10.03 – 06.097710515987118-278MAZDA 3 (BK)1.6Hatchback10.03 – 06.097710515987118-FIGMAZDA 3 (BK)1.6 DI TurboHatchback06.04 – 06.098010915607118-283MAZDA 3 (BK)1.6 DI TurboHatchback06.04 – 06.098010915607118-ABAMAZDA 3 (BK)2.0 MZR CDHatchback12.06 – 06.0910514319987118-ABOMAZDA 3 Saloon (BK)2.0 MZR CDNotchback12.06 – 10514319987118-ABNMAZDA 3 Saloon (BK)1.6 DI TurboNotchback06.04 – 8010915607118-282MAZDA 3 Saloon (BK)1.6 DI TurboNotchback06.04 – 8010915607118-AAWMAZDA 3 Saloon (BK)1.6Notchback02.04 – 7710515987118-277MAZDA 3 Saloon (BK)1.6Notchback02.04 – 7710515987118-AAXMAZDA 5 (CR19)2.0 CDMPV06.05 – 10514319987118-529MAZDA 5 (CR19)2.0 CDMPV06.05 – 10514319987118-AATMAZDA 5 (CR19)1.8MPV03.05 – 8511617987118-530MAZDA 5 (CR19)1.8MPV03.05 – 8511617987118-AARMAZDA 5 (CR19)1.8MPV03.05 – 8511617987118-ADSMAZDA 5 (CR19)2.0MPV03.05 – 10714619997118-531MAZDA 5 (CR19)2.0MPV03.05 – 10714619997118-AASMAZDA 5 (CR19)2.0 CDMPV03.05 – 8111019987118-528MAZDA 5 (CR19)2.0 CDMPV03.05 – 8111019987118-AAUVOLVO C30T5Hatchback03.07 – 12.1216923025219101-AGZVOLVO C301.6Hatchback10.06 – 12.127410015969101-AFVVOLVO C301.6Hatchback10.06 – 12.127410015969101-AGTVOLVO C301.8Hatchback10.06 – 12.129212517989101-AFUVOLVO C301.8Hatchback10.06 – 12.129212517989101-AGMVOLVO C302.0Hatchback10.06 – 12.1210714519999101-AFTVOLVO C302.0Hatchback10.06 – 12.1210714519999101-AGSVOLVO C302.0Hatchback10.06 – 12.1210714519999101-AMUVOLVO C302.4 iHatchback10.06 – 12.1212517024359101-AFXVOLVO C302.4 iHatchback10.06 – 12.1212517024359101-AGPVOLVO C30T5Hatchback10.06 – 12.1216222025219101-AFWVOLVO C30T5Hatchback10.06 – 12.1216222025219101-EGRVOLVO C301.6 DHatchback10.06 – 12.128010915609101-AFRVOLVO C301.6 DHatchback10.06 – 12.128010915609101-AGQVOLVO C302.0 DHatchback10.06 – 12.1210013619989101-AFSVOLVO C302.0 DHatchback10.06 – 12.1210013619989101-AGNVOLVO C30D5Hatchback10.06 – 12.1213218024009101-AFYVOLVO C30D5Hatchback10.06 – 12.1213218024009101-AGLVOLVO C301.8 FlexFuelHatchback01.07 – 12.129212517989101-AFUVOLVO C301.8 FlexFuelHatchback01.07 – 12.129212517989101-AIOVOLVO C30D5Hatchback10.06 – 12.1212016324009101-AGOVOLVO C30D5Hatchback10.06 – 12.1212016324009101-AHAVOLVO C302.0 FlexFuelHatchback01.10 – 12.121071461999VOLVO C301.6 D2Hatchback10.10 – 12.128411515609101-AOAVOLVO C30D3Hatchback10.10 – 12.1211015019849101-AOFVOLVO C30D4Hatchback10.10 – 12.1213017719849101 ADVOLVO C70 II CabrioletD3Cabriolet10.10 – 11015019849101-ADNVOLVO C70 II CabrioletD4Cabriolet10.10 – 13017719849101-ADMVOLVO C70 II Cabriolet2.0 DCabriolet01.08 – 10013619979101-AGCVOLVO C70 II CabrioletT5Cabriolet03.07 – 16923025219101-AHBVOLVO C70 II Cabriolet2.4Cabriolet03.06 – 10314024359101-ABXVOLVO C70 II Cabriolet2.4 iCabriolet03.06 – 12517024359101-ABYVOLVO C70 II CabrioletT5Cabriolet03.06 – 16222025219101-ABWVOLVO C70 II CabrioletD5Cabriolet03.06 – 13218024009101-AFQVOLVO S40 II (MS)2.4 D5Notchback03.06 – 13217924009101-AEEVOLVO S40 II (MS)1.8 FlexFuelNotchback01.06 – 9212517989101-AAYVOLVO S40 II (MS)1.8 FlexFuelNotchback01.06 – 9212517989101-AIPVOLVO S40 II (MS)2.0Notchback10.06 – 10714619999101-AFOVOLVO S40 II (MS)2.0Notchback10.06 – 10714619999101-AMTVOLVO S40 II (MS)T5Notchback03.07 – 16923025219101-AHDVOLVO S40 II (MS)T5 AWDNotchback03.07 – 16923025219101-AHEVOLVO S40 II (MS)1.6Notchback01.05 – 7410115969101-900VOLVO S40 II (MS)1.6Notchback01.05 – 7410115969101-AAXVOLVO S40 II (MS)1.6 DNotchback01.05 – 8111015609101-902VOLVO S40 II (MS)1.6 DNotchback01.05 – 8111015609101-906VOLVO S40 II (MS)1.6 DNotchback01.05 – 8111015609101-ABFVOLVO S40 II (MS)D3Notchback10.10 – 11015019849101-AOGVOLVO S40 II (MS)D4Notchback10.10 – 13017719849101-AOBVOLVO S40 II (MS)1.6 D2Notchback10.10 – 8411515609101-AOCVOLVO S40 II (MS)2.4Notchback01.04 – 10314024359101-886VOLVO S40 II (MS)2.4Notchback01.04 – 10314024359101-ABAVOLVO S40 II (MS)2.0 FNotchback10.06 – 1071461999VOLVO S40 II (MS)2.0 DNotchback01.04 – 10013619989101-882VOLVO S40 II (MS)2.0 DNotchback01.04 – 10013619989101-ABEVOLVO S40 II (MS)2.4Notchback01.04 – 12517024359101-884VOLVO S40 II (MS)2.4Notchback01.04 – 12517024359101-AAZVOLVO S40 II (MS)T5Notchback01.04 – 16222025219101-883VOLVO S40 II (MS)T5Notchback01.04 – 16222025219101-FIGVOLVO S40 II (MS)T5 AWDNotchback04.04 – 16222025219101-896VOLVO S40 II (MS)T5 AWDNotchback04.04 – 16222025219101-ABCVOLVO S40 II (MS)1.8Notchback04.04 – 9212517989101-894VOLVO S40 II (MS)1.8Notchback04.04 – 9212517989101-AAYVOLVO V50 (MW)T5 AWDStation wagon04.04 – 16222025219101-897VOLVO V50 (MW)T5 AWDStation wagon04.04 – 16222025219101-ABLVOLVO V50 (MW)1.8Station wagon04.04 – 9212517989101-895VOLVO V50 (MW)1.8Station wagon04.04 – 9212517989101-ABHVOLVO V50 (MW)1.8Station wagon04.04 – 9212517989101-AJFVOLVO V50 (MW)T5Station wagon04.04 – 16222025219101-889VOLVO V50 (MW)T5Station wagon04.04 – 16222025219101-ABKVOLVO V50 (MW)2.0 DStation wagon04.04 – 10013619989101-890VOLVO V50 (MW)2.0 DStation wagon04.04 – 10013619989101-ABNVOLVO V50 (MW)2.0 DStation wagon04.04 – 10013619989101-AJBVOLVO V50 (MW)2.4Station wagon04.04 – 10314024359101-888VOLVO V50 (MW)2.4Station wagon04.04 – 10314024359101-ABJVOLVO V50 (MW)2.4Station wagon04.04 – 10314024359101-AJCVOLVO V50 (MW)2.4Station wagon04.04 – 12517024359101-887VOLVO V50 (MW)2.4Station wagon04.04 – 12517024359101-ABIVOLVO V50 (MW)2.4Station wagon04.04 – 12517024359101-AJEVOLVO V50 (MW)D4Station wagon10.10 – 13017719849101-AODVOLVO V50 (MW)D3Station wagon10.10 – 11015019849101-AOHVOLVO V50 (MW)1.6Station wagon01.05 – 7410115969101-905VOLVO V50 (MW)1.6Station wagon01.05 – 7410115969101-ABGVOLVO V50 (MW)1.6Station wagon01.05 – 7410115969101-AJGVOLVO V50 (MW)1.6 DStation wagon01.05 – 8111015609101-903VOLVO V50 (MW)1.6 DStation wagon01.05 – 8111015609101-907VOLVO V50 (MW)1.6 DStation wagon01.05 – 8111015609101-ABOVOLVO V50 (MW)1.6 DStation wagon01.05 – 8111015609101-AJAVOLVO V50 (MW)T5Station wagon03.07 – 16923025219101-AHGVOLVO V50 (MW)T5Station wagon03.07 – 16923025219101-AJLVOLVO V50 (MW)T5 AWDStation wagon03.07 – 16923025219101-AHHVOLVO V50 (MW)T5 AWDStation wagon03.07 – 16923025219101-AJKVOLVO V50 (MW)2.0Station wagon10.06 – 10714619999101-AFPVOLVO V50 (MW)2.0Station wagon10.06 – 10714619999101-AJDVOLVO V50 (MW)2.0Station wagon10.06 – 10714619999101-AMSVOLVO V50 (MW)1.8 FlexFuelStation wagon01.05 – 9212517989101-AIQVOLVO V50 (MW)1.8 FlexFuelStation wagon01.05 – 9212517989101-AJHVOLVO V50 (MW)2.4 D5Station wagon03.06 – 13217924009101-AEFVOLVO V50 (MW)2.4 D5Station wagon03.06 – 13217924009101-AJIVOLVO V50 (MW)2.4 TdiStation wagon05.07 – 12016324009101-AHIVOLVO V50 (MW)1.6 D2Station wagon01.10 – 8411415609101-AOEVOLVO V50 (MW)2.0 FlexFuelStation wagon01.10 – 1071461999 TECHNICAL INFORMATION:
Rod / strut, wheel suspension: Fitting location: right rear axle, Fitting location: left rear axle, rod / strut: guide rod, length: 220 SCOPE OF DELIVERY:
1x rod / strut, wheel suspension Me sideFAQAfter the purchaseimprintDelivery time & paymentrevocationConditions


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<- trunk short description-><- trunk short description-> Herstellernummer 53020309 Marke teileportal24 Hersteller teileportal24 EAN 4053184238048

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