Head Steering Box Tie Rod End Ford Volvo 850 C70 S70 V70 XC70 JTE341

Head Steering Box Tie Rod End Ford Volvo 850 C70 S70 V70 XC70 JTE341

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Head Steering Box Tie Rod End Ford Volvo 850 C70 S70 V70 XC70 JTE341


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COMPATIBLE WITH:COMPATIBLE WITH:MANUFACTURER / MODEL / TYPEKWYEAR OF PROD. (FROM TO)VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.09308.1994 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.010506.1991 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.0 Turbo13209.1993 – 10.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.0 Turbo15508.1993 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.310601.1996 – 10.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.3 T516608.1993 – 07.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.3 T5 R17604.1996 – 10.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.3 T5-R18408.1995 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.3 Turbo R17706.1995 – 10.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.410306.1991 – 07.1994VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.410608.1994 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.412508.1991 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.4 GLE14209.1993 – 10.1997VOLVO 850 Sedan (LS) 2.5 TDI10308.1995 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.09308.1994 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.010502.1993 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.0 Turbo13209.1993 – 10.1997VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.0 Turbo15502.1993 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.310601.1996 – 10.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.3 T516602.1993 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.3 T5 R17604.1996 – 10.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.3 T5-R18408.1995 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.3 Turbo R17706.1995 – 10.1997VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.410308.1992 – 07.1994VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.410608.1994 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.412509.1992 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.4 AWD14204.1996 – 12.1996VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.4 GLE14209.1993 – 10.1997VOLVO 850 Station Wagon (LW) 2.5 TDI10308.1995 – 12.1996VOLVO 960 II Saloon (964) 2.512507.1994 – 12.1996VOLVO 960 II Saloon (964) 2.915007.1994 – 12.1996VOLVO 960 II Station Wagon (965) 2.512508.1994 – 12.1996VOLVO 960 II Station Wagon (965) 2.915009.1994 – 12.1996VOLVO C70 I Convertible 2.013203.1998 – 10.2005VOLVO C70 I Cabrio 2.0 T12003.2000 – 10.2005VOLVO C70 I Cabrio 2.0 T16603.1998 – 10.2005VOLVO C70 I Convertible 2.3 T517603.1998 – 10.2005VOLVO C70 I Convertible 2.3 T518007.2002 – 10.2005VOLVO C70 I Convertible 2.412506.1998 – 10.2005VOLVO C70 I Convertible 2.4 T14203.1998 – 10.2005VOLVO C70 I Convertible 2.4 T14707.2002 – 10.2005VOLVO C70 I Coupe 2.013203.1997 – 09.2002VOLVO C70 I Coupe 2.0 T12003.2000 – 09.2002VOLVO C70 I Coupe 2.0 T16603.1997 – 09.2002VOLVO C70 I Coupe 2.3 T-517603.1997 – 09.2002VOLVO C70 I Coupe 2.412103.1999 – 09.2002VOLVO C70 I Coupe 2.412505.1999 – 09.2002VOLVO C70 I Coupe 2.4 T14203.1997 – 09.2002VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.09301.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.010501.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.012001.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.013201.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.0 Turbo15501.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.0 Turbo16601.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.317711.1996 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.319504.1999 – 09.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.3 T-517601.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.3 T5 AWD18407.1997 – 09.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.3 Turbo18401.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.410308.1999 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.410601.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.412106.1998 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.412501.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.4 AWD10304.1999 – 09.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.4 AWD10611.1996 – 05.1999VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.4 AWD12504.1999 – 09.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.4 Bifuel10307.1999 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.4 Bifuel10610.1998 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.4 T5 AWD14211.1996 – 04.1999VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.4 Turbo14201.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.5 TDI10301.1997 – 11.2000VOLVO S70 (LS) 2.5 TDi AWD10310.1999 – 09.2000VOLVO S90 I 2.913201.1997 – 05.1998VOLVO S90 I 2.915001.1997 – 05.1998VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.09312.1995 – 03.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.010512.1995 – 03.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.012001.1997 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.013211.1996 – 03.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.0 Turbo15512.1995 – 03.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.0 Turbo16611.1996 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.0 Turbo AWD16611.1996 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.3 AWD17704.1997 – 09.1998VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.3 AWD19512.1998 – 02.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.3 T AWD18404.1997 – 03.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.3 T-517611.1996 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.3 T-5 AWD17601.1997 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.3 Turbo18412.1995 – 03.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.410303.1999 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.410612.1995 – 03.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.412106.1998 – 12.1999VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.412512.1995 – 05.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.4 AWD12106.1998 – 12.1999VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.4 Bifuel10308.1999 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.4 Bifuel10605.1998 – 12.1999VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.4 Turbo14204.1996 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.4 Turbo AWD14204.1996 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.4 Turbo AWD19503.1999 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.5 TDI10312.1995 – 12.2000VOLVO V70 I (LV) 2.5 TDi AWD10311.1996 – 02.2000VOLVO V90 I 2.512511.1996 – 10.1998VOLVO V90 I 2.913201.1997 – 12.1998VOLVO V90 I 2.915001.1997 – 12.1998VOLVO XC70 I Cross Country (P2) 2.0 T5 AWD16610.1997 – 03.1999VOLVO XC70 I Cross Country (P2) 2.4 T XC AWD14211.1997 – 09.2002VOLVO XC70 I Cross Country (P2) 2.4 T XC AWD14703.2000 – 09.2002NEW AND ORIGINAL TRW JTE341NEW AND ORIGINAL TRW JTE341

PRODUCTAS PER PHOTOART. 27500PRODUCER: TRW Camo Group was born in 2014. It deals with the sale of new spare parts for both original and compatible cars and motorcycles. Most parts are sold online and shipped to the buyer. We also operate on foreign marketplaces.OUR NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL SERVICES- We buy auto parts stock from store closures and bankruptcy proceedings.
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Codice ricambio originale OE/OEM JTE341 EAN 5012445845400 MPN JTE341 UPC Non applicabile Marca TRW Altro codice identificativo JTE341

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