Car cover for Volvo XC40 XC-40 SUV 5-doors 09.17-

Car cover for Volvo XC40 XC-40 SUV 5-doors 09.17-

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This waterproof full car over is characterized by breathable micropores, ventilation holes and an extremely durable and robust quality. It can be used for the vehicle mentioned in the article title and offers highest functionality at any season independently from the weather.The full car cover is meant to protect your car finish reliably against diverse precipitations such as acid rain, hail, hoarfrost and snow as well as any kind of pollution due to bird droppings, industrial dust, pollen, tree resin and autumn leaves. Furthermore the car finish and chrome parts are also protected from rust stain, bleaching and tarnishing. Additionally, the cover guarantees effective protection against UV-radiation, frozen windows and frozen door locks at temperatures under the freezing point. That way, your car will be preserved from damages caused by the weather all year around.The top, front and back part of the cover is 100% made out of fully water-repellent / waterproof material (structure / composition of three-layer waterproof vapor-permeable membrane). The side parts are made out of a material that only allows a little water to permeate in order to enable the circulation of air. The additional vent holes prevent the formation of harmful condensate. The collected moisture underneath the cover can escape effectively thanks to the special material composition and the beneficial ventilation openings. Furthermore, a particular benefit is that the full car over does not absorb any water so that no frost can be formed. Its special and durable material characteristics protect the full car over from aging and color loss.With the help of a bordered knitted cuff with drawstring at the rear section you can easily install the cover and adapt it to the contour of your vehicle. Also, it ensures a secure fixing of the cover.Delivery includes a handy carrier/storage bag with zip fastener that allows you to stow the cover when it is not in use. The car cover is supplied with a professional K2-vehicle cleaning sponge gratuitous with the dimensions 230x120x58mm.

Car cover for

Automotive / Vehicle Manufacturer: Volvo
Model: XC40 XC-40
Generation / Series:
Additional indication:
Car Body / Auto Body: SUV
Doors: 5-doors
Year of construction / manufacture: 09.17-


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